Sky Lantern

The Sky Lantern project was inspired by a Thaï tradition of the same name.

The tradition :
In Thaï tradition, lanterns can be perceived as divine, as the link between your biggest wishes and the sky. They’re unleashed during major situations such as memorials or deaths and funerals. They represent the soul of the deceased making its way up to heaven.

My concept would be to use a specific lantern as a tunnel to a universe that has been created by our biggest wishes. That specific universe would be presented as a light going to the sky, which mirrors the poetic aspect of the tradition.

Several lanterns would be used, allowing several people to create a universe based on their respective wishes.

Exhibit & Price

  1. Maker Faire Paris 2014 : Maker of Merit
  2. Maker Faire Rome : 2014 : Maker of Merit
  3. The house of science, Imola, Italie